14 Dec2018



Which Skills Do Hospitality Hirers Value Most

Successfully securing the job of your dreams means looking beyond your own goals and objectives. It’s a case of viewing the whole thing from the perspective of the employer.

The British hospitality sector is one of the largest and most accessible for enthusiastic candidates. Nevertheless, prime positions are also becoming increasingly competitive. Hence, you need to think carefully about if, how and to what extent you can ensure you stand out from the crowd.

So to help with your next hospitality job application and interview, we’ve listed the skills, qualities and character traits employers value most:

Customer Service Skills

Ultimately, every hospitality role is a customer service role. If the end customer isn’t delighted, the rest is inconsequential. Hence, to get ahead in a hospitality setting, you need to demonstrate your complete commitment to customer service. If you bring genuine customer service skills and acumen to the table, you’re already halfway there.

Commitment to Quality

Likewise, quality standards must be maintained at all levels within a hospitality business. There’s no room for second best and you must not present yourself as a candidate who’s willing to compromise.

Capacity to Multitask

Hospitality workers across the board are expected to balance multiple interconnected duties at all times of day and night. Handling multiple orders in a restaurant, cooking a variety of dishes at the same time, handling a handful of customer queries all at once – the capacity to multitask is a prerequisite for a successful hospitality career.

Loyalty and Commitment

The hospitality industry is notorious for its high employee turnover. Hence, employers don’t like to think they’re making an investment in a candidate who’s likely to jump ship a few months down the line. Even if it’s not entirely the case, you need to give the impression you’re loyal to them and only to them.

Flexibility and Adaptability

A typical hospitality environment has the capacity to be one of the most unpredictable and chaotic imaginable. It’s difficult to plan so much as 30 minutes ahead, let alone days and weeks in advance. Come what may, you need to be ready, willing and able to adapt and perform accordingly. You’ll also need to accept the regular or occasional requirement to work evenings, weekends, bank holidays and so on.

Communication Skills

Solid communication skills will serve you well in any professional environment. Due to the organised chaos that is the everyday norm, they’re particularly valuable in hospitality. You’ll need to be confident and competent when communicating with colleagues, customers and superiors at all levels.

Problem Solving

Things going wrong is part and parcel of the experience in almost every hospitality setting. The candidates who thrive are natural problem-solvers, unafraid of a challenge. An innovative and proactive attitude holds the key to success in a hospitality environment.


Irrespective of how high you climb the career ladder, you’ll always need to work as part of a cohesive team. The ability to work independently is also important, but not nearly on the same level as teamwork. Along with being able to work as part of a team, you’ll need to communicate and demonstrate your passion for doing so.

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