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About Us

Caterer Book is a trusted niche jobs board serving hospitality and catering industry professionals across the UK and Ireland.

Our value proposition

Although online job boards have proliferated, niche boards catering to select industries are few. This is especially true for the hospitality industry, whose growth has accelerated over the years, underpinned by long-term demographic and consumer trends, a massive increase in overseas leisure travel and technology-led shifts. The market today is segmented into all-day eateries, takeaway and catering at dine-in chains, and home delivery services. In the hotel industry, bookings are increasingly moving online and free Wi-Fi availability is enhancing guest experiences.

As the hospitality industry evolves and opens up the playing field, competition will continue getting fierce. The ability and productivity of top talent will be paramount in dictating the success of pubs, restaurants, hotels and catering businesses. Hiring practices will need to improve and vacancies filled up with the right candidates in the quickest possible time.

Catering Book helps employers address this challenge by putting them before hundreds of job seekers. At the same time, we link job candidates to companies throughout the U.K. and Ireland, easing the time-consuming and energy-sapping endeavour of searching for jobs, sending emails and waiting for responses.


Benefits for job seekers

  • Speed up job search
  • Apply to multiple positions at a time
  • Showcase your skills and experience before numerous employers
  • Interact directly with hiring managers

Benefits for employers

  • Cut time to fill a vacancy by half
  • Leverage the focused nature of our site to reach out to highly-interested applicants
  • Choose from a large, relevant talent pool
  • Utilise our platform as and when required for unparalleled flexibility

We are committed to your success

Caterer Book follows core values of honesty, integrity and professionalism in administering our site and delivering our services. We strive to offer newer, better experiences based on your feedback and in keeping with industry advancements.